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The focus group was very interesting. Talking about the way people call name and hurt people and sexually abused.I have done glass painting; card making. I like it so much I don’t want to go home. I shall miss all the nice people here. The helpers and that. I liked meeting all the research . . . → Read More: Margaret – Looking into abuse residential

The Looking Abuse Research Residential

It has been a lovely hotel. The food was lovely. The staff was lovely. All the people with us down here are lovely. And I really enjoyed myself. In the focus group I was talking baout how I feel about being bullied by other people. Lesley.

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Mel Melsome: it’s the research residential!

I feel really hyper and excited about going to the residential on 16 November.

I am so looking forward to staying and working at the Hilton Hotel. I am also looking forward to drinking a latte at the Hilton.

Things I have been doing to prepare! Practising interviews Writing the information sheet for people coming . . . → Read More: Mel Melsome: it’s the research residential!

Davey Bennett; ready for the research residential

I have been working hard to prepare for the three interviews I am going to do at the residential. I have been practising a lot.

I helped with the questionnaires. I made sure the questions are good and in easy read words. I also did the consent forms.

I visited the hotel with the team. . . . → Read More: Davey Bennett; ready for the research residential

Samantha Flood - it's the research residential this week

This week is the research residential. We have been getting ready for it since we started last year. I am looking forward to it.

I will be doing the focus groups. I will do 7 in 2 days. I am doing the focus groups with Joyce and David (my p.a.)

50 people with learning disabilities . . . → Read More: Samantha Flood – it’s the research residential this week

New Video - Work in Progress - Cornwall People First

Work in Progress, A research project being done by Cornwall People First has just made a new video available about their research project.

It can be found by clicking here.

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Davey Bennett introduces Looking into Abuse research project

Davey Bennett blog 2 August 2011

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Sending out invitations for research residential

Mel madly working

co researcher with Looking into Abuse research project

Mel’s Blog 8 Aug 2011

This morning we were packing all the envelopes ready to send away to people first groups around south Wales. (these are the invitations for our exciting research residential for Looking into Abuse)

I think the day . . . → Read More: Sending out invitations for research residential

samantha flood the co-researcher

my name is samantha flood I am co-researcher on the research project called looking into abuse.we want to find out what people with a learning disability know about abuse.we have done lots of work up now. we have made consent forms for the residential in november, a letter of invitation, information sheet and a dvd. . . . → Read More: samantha flood the co-researcher

Research conference for people with learning disabiltities tomorrow!

We now have 90 people booked in for the conference tomorrow – a mix of people with learning disabiltities and their supporters. It is getting very exciting! All the last minute things to do today like filling the conference bags and making the signs for the rooms. Hope everything goes well tomorrow! Joyce

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